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The Zipett Exchange 


Zipett Exchange is the premier tokenized marketplace platform in the Reciprocal Trade Industry. Reach a vast new market and distribution channel for your products, services, excess capacity, media or accommodation.

The Zipett Exchange empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to accept Zipcoin virtual currency for payment. Increase sales to new customers locally, across the nation, and throughout the world.

Businesses that accept Zipcoin simply pay a 4% trade fee on sales, which is automatically debited from your Zipcoin balance.

Save your Cash and Pay with Zipcoin

There is no limit to the amount you can earn, and spending your Zipcoin is easy. Visit The Zipett Exchange online marketplace, spend Zipcoin at an array of online stores, or review the special offers each week to find specific products and services you can purchase. Manage your Zipett Exchange Account online and network with thousands of other businesses throughout the country.

How does it work?

  • Spend Zipcoin to reduce your corporate travel expenses, or take a long deserved vacation.
  • Advertise to promote your business or print new brochures.
  • Find a brilliant array of products and services available for purchase with Zipcoin in the online marketplace.
  • Get the benefits you deserve with Zipcoin.

You will find an endless variety of products and services in the Online Marketplace.

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