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The public release of Bartercoin is set to change the way everyday people access and use Cryptocurrency for commerce. Becoming part of the Bartercoin Exchange (Bartercoin Exchange Ltd.) Token Generation Event / Initial Coin Offering (ICO) represents an opportunity to start on the ground floor and grow with Bartercoin.

Cryptocurrencies have not yet become integrated and trusted by consumers and merchants in daily life. We believe this is because of their perceived lack of liquidity for everyday commerce, deficiency and security issues in transactional pathways, and the technical barriers to adoption.

You can read the Bartercoin White Papers to find all the information you need to on Bartercoin, the Bartercoin ICO and the Bartercoin Team.

The Bartercoin Summary is available now for you to read as a Google Doc, and the White Paper is coming soon. Make sure sign up to our newsletter to receive notification as the Bartercoin White Papers become available.

For more information and regular updates, please read the Bartercoin Blog. For more information Contact Bartercoin now.

The Bartercoin Summary is an overview of what we will be doing and how we plan to solve certain problems in the current marketplace. It addresses problems and what we see as fixes. It outlines where we plan on investing funds raised to best have fast growth and still reduce volatility. It is not a full technical overview; it is only a summary.

The Bartercoin White Paper will be out by the official launch of the TGE 2 (ICO) on March 1st 2018. The White Paper will explain how Bartercoin is set to change the way everyday people access and use Cryptocurrency for commerce. Bartercoin aims to be a unique blockchain, leveraging on the work performed to date with the Ethereum Blockchain, which holds the second-highest market capitalisation for any Cryptocurrency.